My expectation on MIS 332…

As a first timer on this course , I have to admit im not into computer related subjects but as what my instructors promised me that it would be an interesting subject plus Ive got the chance to prove to myself that i can excel in this kind of subject. When the word “computer” comes into my mind all i thought is games such as DOTA and many to mention but im so terrible at using its applications. Maybe i didn’t have interest on it before that’s why Ive regret it so much. Because as a future officer of the AFP “MIS” sets as an asset prior to my work also it will help me to further develop my skills as a soldier not only as a combatant but also as a well rounded soldier willing to help the people and country. We can never deny that computers serves as great help to the society even to soldiers like us so without such knowledge it can cause problems like miscommunications. Well in this modern world full of computers one should be well equipped with the knowledge about Information System. Now through this course i can develop m skills into a whole new level in pursue of excellence. I hope i can apply all the things I will learn from this course to help this country of ours. Thanks to our ever supportive instructors i can manage to cope up and improve it to prove to myself that I can do it  . Even if the pressure is starting to rise because of such expectations that I may not comply but nothing is wrong when one exerts his utmost effort and that’s all i need to do to give my BEST.


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