INFORMATION LEAK ON SEAL TEAM 6

 The White House seems like they can’t control any of the information out there about the death of UBL (Usama Bin Laden). The latest shows that the administration couldn’t even keep a lid on the operational details for twenty four hours, and now SEAL Team 6 had serious concerns about their safety.
“Now a concerning omission by Defense Secretary Robert Gates shows one thing was flowing and that is information leaks. This is a story on The Blaze, one of the lead stories: Loose lips. Gates says info leaks has SEAL Team Six fearing for its safety.”
“May I say to you that I have often thought if I were going to do a fundamental transformation of America, I could not get away with the last steps with the military, especially SEAL Team Six. I know enough Special Forces people and the legends of SEAL Team Six. I also know enough fiction writers that do their homework that know every CIA agent, every SEAL Team Six member one way or another or former SEAL Team Six members. So I know what SEAL Team Six is allegedly capable of. These are the elite of the elite. These are the SEAL team members that have the keys just about to everything. You want to do something? You go to Delta or SEAL Team Six,” Glenn said.
“We have a president of the United States that has an administration leaking information on who was responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden. Why is that a problem?”
“Robert Gates says that information is flowing and there have been so many leaks that SEAL the SEAL team that carried out the raid now fears for its safety. Robert Gates, why are you now confirming that it was the SEAL team that did it? Quote: We are very concerned for the security of our families, of your families and our troops and also these elite units that were engaged in things like that and without getting into any details, I would tell you that when I met with the team last Thursday, they expressed a concern about that and particular concern with respect to their families. He then dropped this bombshell, according to The Blaze. Quote: Frankly a week ago Sunday in the situation room we all agreed that we would not release any operational details about the effort to take out Osama Bin Laden. That fell apart the very next day.”

  • That’s how vital information is considering the situation of elite unite SEAL team 6 where they fear for their safety and also to their families. In which they are put into a dilemma where they did something good but causes imminent danger to them and how concerned they were when their personal information was breached and subjected to public. It shows the importance of handling information security and how it may affect them once it is disregarded.
  • For me, in my role as a cadet and a future officer of the AFP I must learn how to value the importance of handling information responsibly and know its consequences once I disregard it. Basing the effects of SEAL 6 it may cause me harm and also to the ones related to me. So my best advice is to be responsible enough and learn how to handle such kind of information in order not to put ones ‘self and others in danger.

     REFERENCES: glennbeck/2011/05/13/​informationleaks-worry-sealteam6-fearing-for-safey  from



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